How to resolve Frontier app and Trust Wallet Deep Link Not Supported Issue

In this tutorial I will show you how to un-stake and claim staking rewards that were previously linked to the Frontier app using your Trust Wallet and the Harmony (ONE) Chrome Extension Wallet. Step-by-Step instructions are provided below.

Background: Previously Harmony partner with Frontier. This integration allowed users to delegate ONE tokens to validators in a non-custodial way while storing their ONE tokens safely and securely. This allowed users to import their Trust Wallet address in the Frontier app in order to stake their cryptocurrency and claim staking rewards. However, about a month ago, Trust wallet removed the deep link support that allows users to stake and claim rewards in the Frontier app. This in essence left users who had previously staked their Harmony (ONE) on frontier using the trust wallet, unable to claim rewards or un-stake their Harmony (ONE) tokens.

Step 1: Download the Harmony (ONE) wallet via the Harmony Chrome Extension Wallet and connect your Trust Wallet to the Harmony (ONE) wallet. Make sure you download the correct wallet extension, which can be found here, Harmony (ONE) Extension Wallet.

Step 2: Create your own personal wallet. Tip, be sure to NEVER give away your own private key seed phase. Also make sure to back up this seed phase in order to recover your address in any evident you need to recover your account.

Step 3: Import your trust wallet account. Select Type — Mnemonic from the drop-down menu. Then paste your Mnemonic key from Trust wallet. Now your Trust Wallet should be connected to your Harmony (ONE) wallet.

Step 4: Go to the Harmony Mainnet. From there you will be able to undelegate any staked Harmony (ONE) or claim rewards. You can also stake your Harmony (ONE) from the mainnet as well.

I hope this Tutorial Helped you regain any ONE Tokens you had previously staked thru Frontier using Trust Wallet.

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